At the Rudbeck Laboratory we have one printer in the common room for students, located at the entrance floor in the entrance building.

Your printing is handeled via the eduPrint portal. There you can:

  • Connect your old PayEx account to the new printing system
  • Register your PayEx account on PayEx autopay or buy and register printing coupons in your eduPrint account. (Coupons are sold in several campus receptions at the university, but not at Rudbeck Lab.)
  • See how much money you have got left
  • Print via webb printing with the settings "black/white, one page, A4"

Intruktions are available in both Swedish and English.

For eduPrint support, call 018-471 4400
For PayEx support, call 0498-20 20 27 or send an e-mail to:

Last modified: 2021-09-29